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  • David A. DuBose

French Fries or Tater Tots?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Anyone who has ever lived in the home with a toddler knows that emotions can affect even the smallest of decisions. When your extra sensory perceptions fail you and you put french fries on the plate instead of tater tots, then the entire meal can be ruined even though french fries were celebrated as the food of the year by the same child two meals prior. The emotional state of one small child can affect the entire household. To compound the matter, if the parents had a tough day at the office their response to this emotional outburst can turn a small spark of emotions into a forest fire.

It’s not just anger or sadness that can wreak havoc in our lives. Fear, anxiety, and worry can all cause us to remove focus from our main objectives or goals. In August of 2016 at the Olympics in Rio, South African swimmer Chad le Clos and Michael Phelps had a much-anticipated show down in the 100-meter butterfly, a race that many felt that le Clos would win. A photo taken near the end of the event showed le Clos looking into Phelps lane as Phelps concentrated on the finish and ultimately the gold. One could say that worrying about the competition may have costs le Clos Olympic gold. I could also make the case that by only concentrating on what he could do, Phelps improved his chances of winning.

By this point, I am certain that some of you are wondering what any of this has to do with real estate. My answer would be everything. Most of us have memories associated with the home we live in. It was the place the children came home from hospital, the center point for family celebrations, and the back drop for 1000’s of Christmas photos. We cleaned it, cut the lawn, weeded the flower beds, and did our best to make the home “our home.” Those memories have value to each of us and some might say that you could not put a price on them.

When your home is listed for sale, those memories do not factor in the decision making of the potential buyers. You see some slightly mismatched paint repair as the time little Johnny learned a lesson about drawing on the walls. The stain on the ceilings from little Susie’s first attempt at eating spaghetti. The recorded heights by date of each child on the inside of a door jamb as a monument to the children raised in the home. The buyer simply sees repairs and makes a mental deduction (often inflated) for the costs associated with making them. It is these opposing schools of thought that are the breeding ground for emotions and these emotions can make everyone lose focus on the main goal.

The purchase of a home is stressful and usually the most expensive thing any of us will ever buy. The seller must worry about the appearance of their home while facing the frequent interruptions to their daily schedule as they vacate the property to allow strangers to come in and critique it. The buyers will be searching for a home that fulfills their family’s needs while attempting to get the best price for their budget. Each home will present questions regarding potential repairs, utility costs, and immediate decorating changes. This process and the resulting emotions will often multiply the stress, worry and anxiety.

A realtor can alleviate many of the problems associated with the home buying and selling process. As an interested but non-emotional third party to the transaction, your realtor can provide sound advice, be a voice of reason when emotions become intense, and calmly convey your responses to the other party’s communications. By remaining calm and providing non-emotional advice, your realtor can keep you focused on your lane and the ultimate goal.

If you, or someone you know is looking to buy, build or sell a home in the Auburn, Opelika area, give David a call today at 334-703-2609.

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