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  • David A. DuBose

Every Trip Starts Somewhere

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It began from a simple coin toss and while this may not be a great origin story, the simple tossing of a quarter started a tradition that has continued through the years. Thirteen years ago, Casey and I wanted to take what we then considered a long trip to visit her mother in Houston. This would be the first time my daughters had travelled with their new stepmother and we were determined to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. In those days, we read books (the real ones, like the ones you hold in your hand) about travelling to get our ideas. These were often read while sitting in the big bookstore because our budgets at the time did not include such extravagancies as travel books. By planning thoroughly, we made the trip such a success that the girls asked for more.

One Sunday afternoon, just two months after we completed our first road trip with the girls, my oldest daughter inspired by the trip to Texas and the stories her stepmother told of seeing all 50 states before her 30th birthday, asked if we could go again. I took a large, framed map of the United States and placed it on the floor in my parents’ home and gave her a quarter. I agreed that she could toss the quarter on the map and we would go wherever it landed during the next summer vacation. It landed on South Dakota and the rest, as they say, is history. That little girl is now in college and no longer joins us on the summer excursions but her 9-year brother completed the lower 48 by car at the age of 8 and her four-year-old sister has visited 43 states.

When people first hear about some of our long car trips, there are two types of responses. Those who want to know more about it and those who believe we are insane for not just flying to our destinations. In the past 13 years, so many people have asked Casey and I about our summer vacations that we have always thought “we should write some of this down.” Being busy parents with busy jobs and little free time (any of you who have tried to use the restroom with a child less than 5 in the home can relate) the information never seemed to make it to a place that it could be readily shared. Regretfully, we never delivered on our promise to many of you who had questions that would require a long explanation because we didn’t have good method of providing our answers. It dawned on us last week that we could put that information here. So, here is where that information will soon be.

From time to time, we will be posting details about how we budget, plan, pack, choose routes, and everything that goes into seeing this great country via car (and now RV). This will be sprinkled in with local information, real estate postings, and the videos and photos of the upcoming renovation of our RV, Roadie. We hope that this will answer the many questions that we have had throughout the years and, hey, if you want to browse the local real estate market while you are here, that would be great as well.


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